Why should I use a WineStraw?

Aside from preventing stains and keeping any lip gloss or lipstick in place, WineStraws are the right size, the right weight, the right look, and the perfect feel for drinking red wine. WineStraws have a smaller inner diameter than the average drinking straw so the flow of wine into your mouth is just like sipping it from a glass.


Who Uses WineStraws and When?

WineStraws are for all wine lovers and should be used every time you drink red wine. From wine enthusiasts with naturally sensitive teeth, the wine lover who recently underwent professional teeth whitening, to the casual wine drinker who is looking for an economical, preventative solution to maintaining a stain-free smile… WineStraws are the perfect complement to any wine drinker’s experience.


What Preventative Perks are there to Using WineStraws?

Veneers, professional teeth whitening and teeth whitening products can be expensive, and stained smiles are embarrassing – especially in photos! If you have veneers, WineStraws are still for you. Although veneers are less porous than natural teeth they are still subject to staining. No matter what kind of smile you have, protect it with WineStraws: an economical, preventative wine accessory that will help stretch your budget and keep you looking your best.


Do WineStraws Affect the Quality or Taste of the Wine?

WineStraws were created to complement the entire wine lover’s experience. So sip away… the taste and the quality of the wine you choose to drink will never be compromised when you use WineStraws. Wine expert Anne Valdespino of Orange Coast Magazine reported an enhanced wine drinking experience: “[WineStraws] deliver wine directly to the back of the palate as compared to the tip of the tongue, which is the experience you get from a glass”.


What are WineStraws made out of?

WineStraws are made from a high-quality BPA-free and FDA-approved plastic. They look and feel like glass, giving a high-quality appearance; additionally, they are safe, unbreakable and recyclable.


Can I reuse my WineStraws?

WineStraws are safe to reuse, just rinse them with some warm water. If you prefer not to re-use your WineStraws just toss them into your recycling bin because they are 100% recyclable.


How do I become a WineStraws retailer?

Want to be part of the fastest moving wine accessory? Just email us at sales@winestraws.com


Can WineStraws be Personalized?

Have a special occasion that is looking for that extra personal touch? WineStraws can help with your next wedding party favor, birthday party or special event by customizing your order and/or private labeling. Custom quotes upon request.